Jéan Belehouan – Manchester United

Players name – Jéan Belehouan
Club signed for – Manchester United FC
Year signed – 2010
Manager – Stuart Ratcliffe / Liam Kenny

Jéan Belehouan

Jéan had been at Parkwyddn JFC since the age of 5 and signed for Manchester United academy in the year 2010 as a Under 10 playing under Liam and Ratty. Jéan has spent the past 6 seasons playing in the Manchester United academy and has recently been offered a scholarship for once he leaves high school. You will still see Jéan knocking about around the club as he is a local lad and we wish Jéan all the luck in the future and we are really proud of what he has achieved to date.

Keep going Jéan.

Parkwyddn JFC



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