Aiden Tomosowicz – Liverpool

Players name – Aiden Tomosowicz
Club signed for – Liverpool FC
Year signed – 2017
Manager – Stuart Ratcliffe / Jamie Bancroft

Aiden Tomosowicz

Official confirmation of Parkwyddn JFC U8 player Aiden Tomosowicz ‘AJ’signing his academy contract with Liverpool FC. AJ has the lot, bags of pace, balance, a keen eye for goal and the ability to beat a man, or two or even three with his unbelievable skills. AJ can pick the ball up in his own penalty area and be one on one with the opposition keeper within seconds. AJ has also added a physical attribute to his game and will also work his socks off for his team mates.
AJ has been at Parkwyddn JFC from U6s but played with the majority of the current squad from the age of 4 at a local soccer school. His first full season as an U7 (2015/2016) was an extremely successful one, playing a huge part in a team that went undefeated in the league and also making it through to the U7 cup final and winning it comfortably. AJ finished the season with an impressive 42 league goals in 24 games.
AJ’s second season at the club seen the team skip playing in the U8 age group and competing the year age above at U9s against kids 12 months older. Parkwyddn being the only team at their age group to skip a year shows the ability that they have as a team but more so for AJ being the youngest on the team as his birth date is right at the end of the year so he could be potentially playing against some kids 2 years older most weeks. Despite the age difference AJ has still continued to dominate opposition defenders and has also played a massive contribution in helping his team mates reach a second consecutive final in two years, scoring in every round of the cup on the way to the final which will be played at Bury FC, Carrington end of May.
AJ was one of the most sought after players at his age group in the North-West with all academies chasing him and wanting him to become part of their academy, but decided that Liverpool FC was the right club to continue his development into a top class footballer.
As a club we are extremely proud of AJ and what he has achieved and what he has experienced at such a young age already, he has been abroad twice with Liverpool FC playing against other top European academy’s and already played in front of 50,000 people at Anfield. AJ has all the attributes to succeed into a top class modern day footballer and we will watch his development as a club closely.
We will miss AJ’s beaming smile on the pitch but hopefully we will still see him around the club and around the boys as the friendship that these kids have developed over the past 3/4 years is unbreakable. Not only will we miss AJ but his family too who have all been extremely supportive and we wish them all the luck in the future.


Parkwyddn JFC



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