Asa Roberts – Burnley

Players name – Asa Roberts
Club signed for – Burnley FC
Year signed – 2017
Manager – Stuart Ratcliffe / Jamie Bancroft

Asa Roberts

Asa is a very technical player and is extremely comfortable at using either foot, he’s strong in the tackle, tenacious can finish and has a great range of passing. Asa is a total footballer and can play in any role asked. Asa’s understanding of the game and unselfishness for the team is one of his strongest attributes and his attitude and application will take him far in the game. He has played in every position on the pitch and excelled in every role we have asked him to play. One of Asa’s main attributes is his ‘never say die’ attitude. He has the heart of a lion.

Asa has been at Parkwyddn JFC from u7’s joining the squad a couple of months into the 2015/2016 u7 season. His first season was an extremely successful one with Asa playing a massive role in keeping a 100% win ratio in all league games and also scoring a hat-trick in the game that took the team to the cup final which we ended up winning very comfortably.
Asa’s second season at the club has seen the team skip playing in the u8 age group and competing the year age above at u9s against kids 12 months older. Parkwyddn being the only team at their age group to skip a year shows the ability that they have as a team. The step up in age hasn’t effected Asa one bit and he started exactly where he left of from the previous campaign with his bursting dribbles through midfield and his good use of the football when switching the ball left to right and the tenacity and his work rate which have all contributed to the team having another extremely successful season which has seen them reach a second successive cup final 2 years on the bounce which will be played at Bury FC, Carrington at the end of May. Asa has been at a number of different academies over the past two years but spent the majority of his time up at Burnley FC where he has continued his development into a top class footballer.

Asa is a coach’s dream, he’s hardly missed a training session and when at training he listens, and takes on the drill first time and really wants to learn and become better, he’s as good on his left as he is on his right and we as coaches can tell he puts a lot of practice into it and is reaping the rewards for it now.
As a club we are extremely proud of Asa and what he has achieved so far, he has all the attributes and the right attitude to take him to the top. We will miss Asa’s cheeky little smile around the place and his little pranks he is always playing his team mates, a ‘cheeky little chappy’ who I hope we will still see around the club as the friendship within this squad is unbreakable and they have made friends for life. Not only will we miss Asa but we will also miss his family who have been extremely supportive to the team and to us as coaches and we wish them all the luck in future.

Parkwyddn JFC



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