Lewis Manley – Bolton Wanderers

Players name – Lewis Manley
Club signed for – Bolton Wanderers FC
Year signed – 2017
Manager – Iain Main / Sam Berry

Lewis Manley

Lewis joined Parkwyddn in 2013 as an U6, he joined us as an outfield player who is very technical and is comfortable with the ball at his feet, strong in the tackle and has a determination second to none.
In January 2014 the team opted to play a year up at U7’s for the remainder of the year where Lewis gained some valuable experience which put him in good stead for the following season.
In his second season at U7’s he was a very valuable player that covered many positions with him excelling in midfield with his neat footwork and ability to play intelligently netting 12 goals along the way. His contribution helped the team win a Cup Final in their first full season.
Due to the qualities and depth of the squad the team opted to skip U8’s and play a year up for the second time in two and half seasons which saw a number of boys have interest from Pro Academies which took Lewis in at a number of clubs on trial, with the loss of the keeper early at the start of the season the team found themselves with an issue and with player rotation in goal this is when Lewis’s true potential started to show.
He spent the season playing half a game in net and half a game outfield with some friendly debates between the Manager and his parents on where his true ability was, eventually he opted to play in net the final few games of the season in goal and his ability was confirmed when he picked up MOM in the Cup Final.
During Pre-season a for Season 2016/17 a decision was agreed that Lewis would become the goalkeeper fulltime, his abilities were soon noticed as within 3 weeks of taking the position he was picked up to trial with Liverpool FC.
The team stayed an age group up for Season 2016/17 and Lewis in goal became a colossal part of the squad, during the season his qualities were noticed which saw him on trial at Huddersfield Town and Bolton Wanderers and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable was going to happen.
Lewis’s shot stopping is top class; his footwork is like a creative midfielder but his ability to distribute as accurately as he can is something that cannot be coached which puts him way above anything in his age group.
Lewis’s commitment to the team has been up there with the best as over the last three and half years he has only missed 2 games and a handful of training sessions this being down to his academy training being on the same night. As a club we are very proud of what he has achieved and his willingness to learn we are sure will take him the levels he deserves.
Lewis will be missed by all his team mates, he is the joker of the pack and loves to wind up his team mates on match days, we will miss his ‘What You Up to Smile‘ on Saturday morning Pre-Warm up. As a coach it has been a pleasure to have somebody like Lewis in the squad, his dedication to the team and attitude is a coach’s dream. Good luck Lewis.


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