Lorenzo Signs for Manchester United

A massive congratulations to current Parkwyddn Predator U9s player Lorenzo on signing his first contract in football at Manchester United FC. Lorenzo joined the current Parkwyddn u9s in June 2017 and settled straight into the team. Lorenzo has been playing a full year age group up with him currently being an U8 player but that alone tells you a lot about the character of the kid. Lorenzo possesses a great number of different attributes which has helped him earn his contract at Manchester United. He’s a great passer of the football, great in the air, bags of pace and has an eye for goal, but as his coach the attribute I love about him most is his bravery and tenacity. For a kid competing against full teams of kids that could be potentially 18 months older than him is remarkable, he never gets intimated and doesn’t let anything phase him, he works his socks off for the team which has a positive effect on his teammates and they all follow his lead in terms of his work rate.  I know that all his team mates really respect and appreciate what he does for the team and the effort he puts in when he’s playing. Lorenzo has had a great season so far and has helped his team mates to maintain the high standards that have been previously set. He’s scored a bag full of goals, ran his socks off for his team mates and is very flexible in the fact that he can play in numerous positions.

Lorenzo has developed massively in the last 12 months and added to his game. He has a challenge cup ‘semi-final’ coming up to look forward too for his and all his team mates hard work throughout the season. Lorenzo has been an absolute dream to coach, he always listens and follows instructions in games and in training, he always pays full attention because he is keen to learn and better himself. He’s been a great asset to the team and I have really enjoyed being able to coach him for the past 12 months. We will all massively miss Lorenzo around the team and his family who have always been very supportive to Lorenzo and us coaches and also the other players. We wish you all the best in your future football and try not to be a stranger to the team.

Good Luck Lorenzo.

Ratty & Everyone at Parkwyddn JFC




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