Parkwyddn has a new team…..

Parkwyddn 5 Aside…..



Sam Berry
Josh Main-Quinn
Taylor Parsons
Josh Egan
Lewis Brown
Mike Knox
Lee Marks
Rob Burrows


The new team of players has entered the Powerleague Sunday Autumn League, Division 1 representing Parkwyddn.  Their first league game was scheduled to be played tonight against Ballotelli-Tubbys but they failed to turn up……They must have seen the team sheet!! That’s a bye, down as 10-0 in the league…

So, with them not making the game, a friendly was arranged against Salfordians….First game for the team…

They only went and won it….7-5!

The whistle blew and game was on…frantic running around to start….but the team started to understand each other.  Salfordians took the lead but Sam soon got a grip of the team and started managing from the goal…Captains armband needed??

Josh Egan had been out the of night before but that did not stop him getting stuck right from the first whistle. Josh Main-Quinn (JMQ10 to his friends!!) had already played an 11 aside match this morning (and had a Sunday roast!!) yet he still managed to show boat with a number of Megs…

Mike Knox hadn’t played for 3 years but wow, he threw himself about getting stuck in where it counted. Taylor played his first competitive game and bagged a great left footed goal laid off by Marksy…yes, it was the one occasion where Lee softly passed the ball.  99% of his touches were thunderous smashes, if the keeper attempted to save them, he would have surely lost his hands….

As the game went on and the frustrations kicked in, it started to get a tad feisty…

Lewis, the youngest team member, after having a great debut for the team was clattered into the side wall with a smash….He looked injured but he got up, dusted himself down and carried on…Well done Lew..

The game was played in great spirit, a great start for the team, a warm up for the real thing, next week……Bring it on…..

Scorers were Josh Main-Quinn (JMQ10) (2), Lee Marks (2), Taylor (1), Josh Egan (1), Mike Knox (1).

Brilliant, well done lads..

Parkwyddn JFC