We appreciate him, hopefully you will too…



For many years a local man to Barton upon Irwell has been seen on many occasions walking around the village with either and waste bag or a watering can in his hand. He patrols the whole village cleaning and tidying litter dropped by those who don’t care. Well this man certainly does care…he does this voluntarily in his spare time off his own back. We don’t know his name or his age, I would estimate between 65 and 70 years of age. We do know where he lives so fingers crossed, if we many to raise anything at all, we can surprise him…

Not only does he collect the litter, he plants flowers and maintains their well-being throughout the whole summer giving some much needed and appreciated colour to the village.

So, why the fundraising? This man asks for nothing. He spends a lot of time doing what we simply take for granted, amazing…the village would not be the same without the effort, work and time he puts in.

Although I personally have seen him doing his work many many times, I spoke to him for the first time tonight, finally getting the opportunity to thank him for what he does in the short time I had whilst stopped at the traffic lights. Such a pleasant man who seemed to genuinely appreciate someone taking the time to thank him…

So, to take that one stage further and to try and give this man the recognition he deserves Parkwyddn JFC would like to appeal to your generosity and help us raise a small amount of money to be able to give something back in appreciation of all his work. We would like to try and raise enough money to be able to treat him and his wife and maybe his family to an evening meal. We would also like to, if we manage to raise enough, to award him with some B&Q or similar vouchers to maybe supply him with some new gardening equipment, gloves and tools etc to help him do what he appears to enjoy. If we are successful in raising some funds for him we would like to invite him down to Parkwyddn on a training night and hand him the vouchers / money to the value of what we raise. Hopefully he likes football!

We would really appreciate you, helping us to appreciate him and the work he does keeping Barton Upon Irwell in tip top condition.

Parkwyddn JFC