Burnt Out Car On Our Pitches, Just Great!!


First of all we would like to apologise to all those players who missed out playing for our teams today. We also apologise to the away teams that were affected by this. We also thank those away teams who helped to rearrange the fixture at very short notice enabling their game to go ahead.

As with most grass roots clubs we use local council facilities to play our home matches. We do not use these facilities for free, we have a large annual fee to pay. We understand the council has to pay for upkeep and maintenance of the recreation ground and accept the fee needs to be paid. However, we need their support, now more than ever, for the safety and well being of all local children.

We as a club are not sitting back and just accepting the fact that people can drive cars and motorbikes all over our pitches. We are appealing for the councils help. The local communities help, and if at all local businesses. We have communicated our feeling on this latest incident and a number of other issues we face, hopefully they will be on our side going forward as best they can.

There have been numerous ideas suggested, we have also been informed a knee high fence would be installed around the perimeter of our pitches. We are chasing this up. We have inquired about funding to build a new small club house to provide changing rooms and a small coffee hut. We have tried our best to get shared lease with the current club house the bowling green use, this again is a possibility but proving extremely difficult and less likely in the immediate future.

We may have the possibility of applying for grant funding, some of which we need to also provide a percentage of the funding. We are always on the lookout for local companies who would like to help see this club progress and finally get the facilities it deserves. Please do contact us if you feel you could help. We would love to have a full club sponsor on board.

We have emailed the council, im sure they have Parkwyddn’s best interest at heart, I know they have a good history with us, we will update the website and inform of anything we hear from their reply. Hopefully we can get their full, real support and action.