Fred has been in touch and left a lovely thank you for everyone.  He commented on our recent news post here: which can also be read below….

Thank you Fred….

From Fred Tewson:

This is the ‘Fred’ who has just opened his e mail and read all those lovely words people have written..

Thank you all for your kind words and for your very very (no stutter!) generous donations..
The £150 will be donated to Muscular Dystrophy UK… (This is a amazing sum of money)
The B&Q gift card will be used for the seasonal plants planted out on the little piece of land by the traffic lights on Peel Green Road..

We will book a date for the Morrisons lunch.

All of the above has come about after ‘bumping’ into a young man named Nick..Who, after explaining that he was part of a youth football team Parkwyddn jfc..He asked me if I would like to attend a small presentation in appreciation of my work of keeping the area clean and tidy..

As Nick explained..Doing the things I do is my way of keeping fit and keeping everything nice..
What I was unaware of 1.That a glass plaque had been made as a THANK YOU..and 2. That lots of people had already contributed to a very generous donation..

What has been puzzling me for a week or two..Is how many people pass me on my ‘Litter pick’ and wish me a ‘Good morning Fred’– ‘Hi Fred’ etc.. I have a strange feeling that unlike me only opening this web page to-day, They have opened it a while ago !!..

For everyone involved with this ‘Thank You’ Marjorie and I do really appreciate it..