Parkwyddn JFC Enter a New Era….


It’s with great pleasure Parkwyddn JFC would like to announce that after a lot of hard work, we finally have a Club House. In the coming days we will enter into an an agreement for joint lease of the existing bowling pavilion. The building, as you will recognise it is where we have held our registration days.
We genuinely see this as a major milestone in the clubs 30 year history of junior football in the Patricroft area. Truly a major achievement.
We have seen increased discussions held over the last year with members of the council and the current bowlers who use the facility.
The Club House will enable us to offer refreshments to both home and away players parents and supporters.  Hot drinks, soft drinks, hot dogs, bacon rolls etc, all now possible going forward. We are also able to hold small events with potentially bigger ones such as summer tournaments in the future.
We have also secured some funding to improve the inside of the building. Aside from general repairs and some general painting and tidying we will be looking at installing a TV along with WiFi which will be usable by ourselves and the bowlers.
There are further discussions being held which may see some really exciting improvements for Parkwyddn JFC in the future but talks are currently very early on.
We on behalf of the club would sincerely like to thank all parties involved for the ongoing and continued support. The council and the bowlers have been fantastic and very understanding.  Thank you.
Parkwyddn JFC Committee