Here at Parkwyddn, were always looking for fun games and ways to raise money for both the club and our lucky winners. Our new game, Parkwyddn Football Squares! is now live….

Use these details to access the game….
Username:  pwjfc
Password: pwjfc

It’s very simple to play…BUT HURRY….Reserve your square……

We are currently selling 25 squares, each square will cost £2 each. Players can purchase as many squares as they like but squares need to be purchased in a block of 5 weeks.  So, one square will cost £10 for 5 weeks or matches of play. Payment can be made either in cash to a coach or preferably direct to the club account: Club Account: 51572903 Sort Code: 403117

To play, we need to sell all 25 squares. Once all squares are sold we are ready to go. This will give us 5 weeks of play. Each week we will randomly choose a premiership football match or championship game if no premiership matches are on. The game will commence in this order…

          1. Sell all 25 squares.
          2. Select the two teams of the football match.
          3. Randomly generate the possible scores across the grid horizontally and vertically. See image. These will be randomly generated for each game.
          4. Wait until the result is in….
          5. Whoever has the square which cross references the winning score wins £30. The remaining £20 goes into the club funding. In the example image we can see Bournemouth beat Wolves 3-1, therefore Sam B is this weeks winner….
          6. We move on to week 2…..


        So, what are you waiting for, click the link below and get started.

        Game Link:

    Any Questions contact us here: