Parkwyddn JFC committee members attended the latest meeting with council representatives this evening and the news is fantastic. After months of negotiations and discussions with the council and the bowlers who currently use the facilities, we have now been awarded sole rights to the lease. We have also been given the go ahead to use the bowing green directly in front of the club house (can be seen in the main post image) as a small football pitch for the younger teams. So, what does this mean? Originally the building was occupied by both mens and ladies bowling teams. With our club growing from strength to strength as it is we have pushed for the need to have better facilities. The “Club House” as it stands was being used a lot less in recent times so we put forward a case for us to share it with the bowlers. Since discussions began the ladies team have since left leaving only the mens team. During this evenings meeting, Michael representing the bowling club has offered to vacate the main building and move into a smaller facility on the site which is adequate for them. This now means they will have a lease of their own and Parkwyddn will be sole lease holders of the main building, what is now our “clubhouse”. What happens next? The council are currently drafting the heads of terms and the lease and will present this to us for signing as soon as its ready. Some key points are:

We have a possible cash injection from the council to help us get started asap with any urgent work required to enable us to open up.
We are aiming for a 5 year lease to start.
The council will maintain the exterior of the clubhouse.
Parkwyddn will be responsible for the interior of the building.
Parkwyddn will be responsible for paying all utility bills, water, gas, elec, TV etc.
Parkwyddn will need to arrange buildings insurance.
The bowling green grass will slowly be transformed into a more suitable playing surface as opposed to a bowling green.
We will now be able to offer food and drink. Coffee, Tea, Bacon Barms, Hot Dogs etc all from our own kitchen.
Toilet facilities will be available for use by Parkwyddn members, their families and the away teams.
Permission to hold small functions.
New Parkwyddn Signage to be erected on the front of the building.
Other possibilities to follow soon….
This is a major coup in Parkwyddns long history. This will enable the kids, the parents and all club members to have access to the facilities they deserve. Exciting times…. We would like to offer a special thanks to both Councillor Mullen and Councillor Barnes for all there help steering this from behind the scenes. A massive thank you also to the council and their representatives for working closely with us and the bowling team to help find a resolution which suits all parties.