Parkwyddn JFC

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Office Email

[email protected]

Club Location

Patricroft Recreation Ground,
Edison Road, Eccles, Manchester

Committee Members


Vice Chairman

Treasurer & Web Media

Nick Parsons

[email protected]

Club Secretary

Trevor Dutt

[email protected]

Welfare Officer

Karen Harwood-Dutt

[email protected]

Registration & Fees

Parkwyddn JFC are a volunteer run club, however that does not mean there are no costs. Unfortunately to run a club of this level requires a lot of funding and therefore there is a requirement to charge a registration fee and monthly subscriptions. 


•  Rates to the Council Pitches•  
•  Insurances
•  Ground costs
•  Ground maintenance
•  Building maintenance
•  Utility bills
•  Professional services
•  Equipment
•  Training of coaches
•  Player training facilities
•  League fees
•  Player registration fees
•  FA affiliation fees
•  Maintenance of qualifications
•  Referee fees
•  Club House Rates


£25.00 per year   (50% discount for siblings)

Monthly Subs – U7 to U13’s

£20.00   (£5 discount for siblings)

Monthly Subs – U16’s

£22.00   (£5 discount for siblings)

  Club Uniforms & Equipment

Parkwyddn JFC seek sponsorship for all their teams where possible. Sponsors usually provide either a home kit, away kit or sometimes both. Parents are not expected to pay for team match kits unless teams fail to find a sponsor and agree between them to cover the cost.

Training kits and clothing is payable by the player (parents) and is optional. We do advise training kits and have negotiated the best possible rates from our supplier. All our club clothing and merchandise can be found in our club shop which is run and managed by direct soccer.

* lost or damaged kits must be replaced by the player / parents.


Be a part of the Parkwyddn family…

Parkwyddn love to see players grow and develop throughout their childhood. Children can join parkwyddn from the age of 3 years old and remain at the club until they are 16. We consider all players and their family members, part of our family.