We are all currently going through what is a very tough time. Staying at home, especially with the Easter break and the weather being so nice is such a tough thing to do. It’s not easy staying in the house or garden during these unprecedented times, we are all missing those football mornings, even the early ones!! We all feel hard done by, but the actions we are taking are what will see us get over this terrible pandemic.

That said, as we sit here on this good Friday thinking how difficult this is, please, please spare a thought for those on the front line working for our wonderful NHS saving lives as you read this…. Hour after hour they are there working hard to ensure all or families, friends and loved ones are kept safe.

Parkwyddn JFC would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you, please keep going, keep up with the brilliant work you are doing and stay safe. For all of us outside the NHS, please follow the government guidelines, this is so important…let’s work together to ensure the burden on the NHS and all of it’s team are kept to a minimum, we all can help…..


Parkwyddn JFC