We have recently been contacted by one of our clubs founding members, Peter Warburton. Peter was one of four original founding members of the club in the 1960’s creating an open age team and creating the club Parkwyddn FC. Peter and the members originally named the club and started the journey which we proudly continue today. In 1987 Parkwyddn FC became Parkwyddn JFC switching the focus to Junior Football.


Read Peter’s story here, it’s a great read,

CLICK THE LINK, https://www.parkwyddnjfc.uk/club-history/


From all at Parkwyddn JFC, Peter, thank you very much for providing your story and giving everyone an insight to those early years that sometimes easily get forgotten. This is a great part of our history, something everyone inside or outside the club can read with interest.


Thank you Peter, hopefully you will come over and meet us sometime very soon.


Parkwyddn JFC

Committee Team

CLICK THE LINK, https://www.parkwyddnjfc.uk/club-history/