A fantastic end to end match between the two sides today. A very close game from start to finish with some excellent play from both teams. 10:30 and the match kicked off, some early pressure from Swinton but Parkwyddn Phoenix absorbed it. The pendulum swung and it was Parkwyddn’s chance to apply some pressure with a shot on target being saved. Back to the opposite end and a long range shot was brilliantly finger tipped onto the bar and over by Adam. It wasn’t long after and the ball was in the back of the net with Swinton netting the first. Parkwyddn held their own keeping their heads up and pushed for the equalizer which came shortly after. From here on on in the match was played in great spirit with some nail biting moments. It was a very close match with some great goals scored. Parkwyddn U10 Phoenix took the victory winning the match with only minutes to go. A great performance by all. A great start to 2020 with 2 straight victories for the Phoenix. Well done.

Parkwyddn JFC