Raising money for my Brother Pete, his wife Jenna, and our family following the sudden loss of their beautiful & warm hearted son, Petro. Petro grew his wings at the young age of 10 and has left us all shocked and devastated. The pain will never go away but our happy memories will stay with us forever ❤ Peter and Jenna deserve every single bit of love and support we can give them. They both work so hard to provide for their Family; they haven’t had it easy but they never once complain.

Pete’s 1st born son, Jordan, turns 18 on Tuesday and then Max was born in 2004 but sadly died at 3 Months old💔 It was a tough time for all and then he met his wife, Jenna – My lovely sister in law. Petro was born and then Olivia soon followed. Chantelle, my Niece, was also welcomed with open arms when my Sister became ill. They’re such loving and caring people who deserve something back.

Petro was truly one of a kind, with his infectious smile, his cheeky laugh, and his love for football and Arsenal FC, plus he always gave the best cuddles. Putting other people first, in true Petro style, in his final act of kindness Petro became an organ donor, changing the lives of 4 people.

Now we would like to take this opportunity to open up for support from our amazing community, to raise as much as we can to give Petro the send off he deserves 💔

At this time, we would like to thank everyone for their love and support. 💙