New Registrations 2020 / 2021

New Registration Instructions

Registrations are now open for the upcoming 2020 / 2021 season. In order to register for Parkwyddn JFC you will need to be invited by one of our coaches or committee members. Once you have been invited you will need to register in two parts.

Part 1: Upload your player photo and ID. The photo needs to be in line with the guidelines demonstrated on the upload page of part 1.

Part 2: Complete our club membership form in full. Please ensure you complete all fields, especially the medical notes (notes section) as without this your insurance maybe invalid.

Please use the buttons below.

Part 1. Upload Photo and ID

Please use this section to upload your player photo as per the correct guidelines laid out when clicking the upload photo & ID button below. Please also use this area to upload your ID, Birth Certificate or Passport. This is very important, your membership will not be activated until these have been recieved correctly. 

Part 2. Registration Form

If you have visited the club and have been invited to join Parkwyddn, please click the Register Now button below and complete the registration form.

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Outstanding Payments

Direct Debit payments will be requested automatically each month.  If a payment fails due to insufficient funds or any other reason, the payment will be requested again. Should the payment fail again a final third request will be made. Failure at this point will mean the direct debit will not be requested again and the players account will be placed into arrears. All arrears payments will have to be paid in full by card payment which the club will send at your request. 

Please keep up with sub payments, 1 months arrears will unfortunately mean a suspension for the player until the sub payments are brought fully up to date. 


How do I use the players membership portal?
Is there any guidance when signing up?

Please read this page: Sign up Do’s and Dont’s

Be a part of the Parkwyddn family…

Parkwyddn love to see players grow and develop throughout their childhood. Children can join parkwyddn from the age of 3 years old and remain at the club until they are 16. We consider all players and their family members, part of our family.