Parkwyddn JFC


This is important and enables us to be sure of your permission and consent in relation to the details within this booklet. By signing the registration form you agree to abide by the clubs rules, terms & conditions.


Photographs & Publications (Including Website)

Parkwyddn may take photos or videos of our teams and individuals for use on our club website, newsletters or similar media. We adhere to the FA Best Practice Guidelines on the use of images.


  • It is your responsibility to arrange safe travel for your child to and from venues for matches, training and any tournaments etc.
  • All Medical conditions and required medicines that may be required during training or matches (i.e. inhalers and epi pens) must be declared on membership form for insurance purposes.
  • It is the responsibility of the player and their parent or guardian to ensure that a child requiring medication such as epi pens or inhalers hands them to the coach prior to each training session, match or tournament.

Consent of Parent, Guardian or Legal Carer.

  • You are giving consent for your child to play for Parkwyddn JFC
  • To adhere to club rules and codes of conduct
  • To pay club registration in full at time of registration (cash or card only)
  • All sub payments must be kept fully up to date. Anyone with difficulty paying club sub fees should not ignore payment and contact the club immediately. Falling behind with sub payments will result in the player being banned from playing and training until sub payments are brought up to date. A ban will become live when 3 months payments have been missed. Failure to contact the club with a view to bringing subs up to date may also result in the player being de-registered from the whole game system under the club name Parkwyddn JFC.
  • Once registered all players are signed to the club until May 31st unless by agreement of the club committee and any tournaments. Breaking any of these may result in suspension or expulsion.
  • Coaches are not responsible for loss of personal belongings
  • Parents, Guardians or carers are responsible for any fines issued to players under the age of 18 yrs payable within fourteen days of notification by the club.
  • Any breach of the club rules or codes of conduct may result in suspension or expulsion from the club
  • In case of injury the coach or relevant club representative can administer basic first aid or attend hospital with the injured child if necessary in case of parental, guardian or carer absence.
  • To ensure that an appropriate adult other than the coach is available should you not be able to attend training, matches or tournaments (unless by prior agreement with the team manager) Code of Conduct – Spectators, Parents and Carers. I Will:
  • Remain outside the field of play and behind the designated respect barrier.
  • Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting, aggressive or abusive language or behavior in any form.
  • Always respect the match officials decisions and never challenge or criticize them.
  • Applaud effort, good play and success.
  • Remember the children play for FUN!
  • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by giving instructions.
  • Never criticize a player for making a mistake. Mistakes are part of their learning. I understand that breaches of this code may result in action being taken by my club, the league, the county FA and / or the FA. (Note, this action may include suspension or expulsion from the club).

Be a part of the Parkwyddn family…

Parkwyddn love to see players grow and develop throughout their childhood. Children can join parkwyddn from the age of 3 years old and remain at the club until they are 16. We consider all players and their family members, part of our family.