Saturday 1st June see the U7’s Eagles play their final against FC Bridgewater at Ayrshire Road. All the lads arrived and were full of excitement for what was going to be one of their toughest challenges of the season. Even though the result didn’t go our way the lads all played superb football on the day. They concentrated on their football with some great passing moves made through out the game looking for their space and where they could be to help their team mates out if they were not on the ball. Even though they were trailing by the end of the first half they did not give up and came back out in the second half determined to show what they can do. Once again working on their passing and playing the ball down the wide positions they kept the second half nice and close. A great shame they could take the victory but they all showed that they have what it takes and are ready to start it all again next season for another go.